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What we do.

We, at Leatherby's take pride in preparing freshly whipped cream, savory soups, hearty salads, thick home made sauces and most important. . . rich handmade ice cream. "Fresh" and "homemade" are our hallmark.

In our kitchen, where lingering aromas of caramel, chocolate, and pineapple are familiar scents, you will find hand-stirred sauces cooking in our large 60 gallon kettle. Daily baking of specialty breads include moist and sweet honey wheat bread, and a lightly flavored sour dough bread. Oh, let's not forget sour dough bread bowls, too.

We select the best ingredients to arrive at our rich, high butterfat premium ice cream. To insure a fresh and delicious product, we make it right here in our Creamery.